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This free, open course is offered by Charles Darwin University to provide an introduction to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, and an overview of adaptation of tropical organisms in the Northern Territory of Australia. You will experience highly engaging interactives, videos and innovative media. This course won Blackboard's 2014 Exemplary Course Award and Director's Choice for Courses with Distinction.

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Have you ever thought about Accounting as a career choice? With a refreshing, funky approach, this course will introduce you to the basic concepts, principles and techniques of being an accountant. You will learn about the importance of accounting in modern societies and have the opportunity to explore two different Accounting specialisations- Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.

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Immerse yourself in this virtual "Memory Palace" of 5 panoramic, interactive rooms representing 5 key memory techniques. You will learn and practice a range of strategies and skills through videos and digital interactives as you are guided from room to room by Two Time World Memory Champion, Jonas Von Essen. Hear from Professor Simon Moss as he shares research based tips for enhancing your memory. Whether you need to remember large amounts of information for your studies or job, or just want help remembering people's names, this visually stunning course is for you!

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Jan 16th 2017

This MOOC examines three key areas of learning: intercultural communication; multicultural/multidisciplinary teams and patient safety

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May 18th 2016

The Remain or Leave MOOC is specially created to help anyone interested in the UK referendum on EU membership make sense of the issues surrounding this crucial vote. This course is free and can be taken by anyone, anywhere, while the materials can all be consulted whenever it is convenient. All you need to do is register!

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Feb 29th 2016

Designed for the non-specialist learner, this six-week course is intended as an introduction to the inter-disciplinary dimensions of the Gothic Revival in British culture of the long eighteenth century (1700-1850). Over 6 weekly sessions, you will be guided by acknowledged experts in the field of Gothic studies.

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Self Paced

In this free self-paced course, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel spreadsheets and computer programming using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language.

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Oct 20th 2014

Con este MOOC el alumno conocerá bien el cálculo matricial y su conexión con la resolución práctica de los sistemas de ecuaciones lineales. Además, comprenderá que las matrices, los determinantes y los sistemas tienen aplicaciones directas en distintos ámbitos científicos. Varios profesores de la Escuela de Ingeniería Tecnun guiarán a través de vídeos, material escrito, ejercicios (con explicaciones sobre cómo resolverlos) y autoevaluaciones a todo aquél que quiera acercarse al maravilloso mundo de las matrices.

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Oct 16th 2014

UC's Innovation & Design Thinking MOOC is back by popular demand. Did you miss out on some of the Innovation & Design Thinking content last year? Do you have a friend or colleague that would enjoy this free course? You and your friends are in luck - registration is now open for the 2014 UC MOOC.

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