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Who’s Counting: An Interactive Introduction to Accounting (CDU)

Have you ever thought about Accounting as a career choice? With a refreshing, funky approach, this course will introduce you to the basic concepts, principles and techniques of being an accountant. You will learn about the importance of accounting in modern societies and have the opportunity to explore two [...]

Charles Darwin, Evolution and Tropical Australia (CDU)

This free, open course is offered by Charles Darwin University to provide an introduction to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, and an overview of adaptation of tropical organisms in the Northern Territory of Australia. You will experience highly engaging interactives, videos and innovative media. This [...]

The Art and Science of Memory: 5 Keys to Learning (CDU)

Immerse yourself in this virtual "Memory Palace" of 5 panoramic, interactive rooms representing 5 key memory techniques. You will learn and practice a range of strategies and skills through videos and digital interactives as you are guided from room to room by Two Time World Memory Champion, Jonas Von [...]