Jun 24th 2016

Charles Darwin, Evolution and Tropical Australia (CDU)

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This free, open course is offered by Charles Darwin University to provide an introduction to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution, Alfred Russel Wallace, and an overview of adaptation of tropical organisms in the Northern Territory of Australia. You will experience highly engaging interactives, videos and innovative media. This course won Blackboard's 2014 Exemplary Course Award and Director's Choice for Courses with Distincion.

Before moving to the Northern Territory of Australian in 1987, Keith Christian studied and worked in the fields of zoology and physiological ecology at the University of Texas, Colorado State University, the University of Michigan Biological Station, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Puerto Rico, and the Flinders University of South Australia. He gained his PhD in 1981 after studying the factors that determine how Galapagos Land Iguanas use space, and this work involved the use of computational thermal energy balance models to address questions related to the ability of hatchling iguanas to escape predators, seasonal shifts in preferred body temperature, and home range size. He was a foundation member of staff at the University College of the Northern Territory, which subsequently evolved into Charles Darwin University. He has studied seasonal thermoregulation and estivation in reptiles and in tropical areas, and other research interests include the thermal and hydric balance in frogs, evaporative water loss, and other topics in physiological ecology. He has long been interested in Charles Darwin and the history of the concept of evolution. He is currently Professor of Zoology in the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University.

"This course is one of the best MOOC course designs I have seen and should be considered a model for others to follow. The materials are so relevant and engaging that it feels like you are talking with the person." ~Blackboard Review Panel