Oct 10th 2016

Intercultural Communication (FutureLearn)

Learn to appreciate, adjust to, and work or study in different cultures, with this free online intercultural communication course. Whether you’re engaging in business across borders or cultural regions, meeting other people through international travel, working in a diverse, global organisation or studying abroad, you can benefit from a better understanding of intercultural communication.

Master the basics of intercultural communication

This free online course will focus on the basic but important concepts. It will:

- help you better understand cross-cultural complexity;

- cultivate your awareness of your own and others’ cultural identities;

- highlight some notable variations in cultural values and communication styles;

- and signpost paths towards building your intercultural competence.

We will start with a journey of self-discovery, telling each other our cultural stories and exploring different cultures. You will be amazed to see how cultures have influenced our perceptions, thinking, communication styles, values and beliefs.

Adjust to new cultural practices that come into your life

The understanding and appreciation of cultural differences that you gain will help you adjust to the new cultural practices that come into your life - whether via the media or through interpersonal interactions.

You will learn with a cross-cultural team from Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), which has been a leader in language and culture teaching since its inception in 1949.