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How to Create a Memorable Presentation (SoundviewPro)

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You know how to use PowerPoint, but do you truly understand what it takes to create a presentation that people will remember? In this course you will learn the theory behind memorable presentations. Discover why careful content choices, powerful design and a memorable delivery will make your presentation unforgettable.

Make Your Presentation the One the Audience Will Remember. You’ve sat through enough presentations to know that the bad ones far outnumber the good. You can even diagnose the symptoms: cluttered slides, monotone delivery and a complete lack of retention by the audience. With this course you’ll gain the strength to defeat “Death by PowerPoint.” Author and professor Joel Worden offers an enlightened, effective way to create a presentation no one will forget. This course begins with the most overlooked aspect of a presentation: the plan. You’ll learn the importance of narrative and the elements of a good presentation plan. Worden concludes the first class by leading you through an exercise to create a storyboard for your next presentation. Additional classes discuss the theory behind why so many presentations fail to be memorable. You’ll be introduced to the concept of effective redundancy and how you can leverage it to create a successful presentation. Once you’ve crafted the perfect message and generated powerful visuals, Worden concludes the course by guiding you through dynamic delivery. You’ll learn common errors made by presenters and how to deliver your presentation in a natural, charismatic and effective style.

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