Feb 6th 2017

Environmental Challenges: Rights and Values in Ecosystem Services (FutureLearn)

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Differences in values can create conflict. How can we learn to manage our natural resources with integrity? This course explores three basic principles when considering ecosystem services: 1. The nature of values 2. Coasian bargaining 3. The precautionary principle.

We apply these principles to the classic case studies of planting genetically modified crops, the Chernobyl disaster and health damage from asbestos. A discussion explores ecosystem services.

This course will help you to understand these basic principles so that you are equipped to help deal with some of the difficult environmental decisions we are facing.

Humans are very innovative, but we’ve also created many ecological problems. We’ve changed the face of the planet by agriculture and forestry. We’ve fished the oceans, and we’re causing climate change through greenhouse gases released from fossil fuels.

Designing institutional arrangements that recognise ecosystem services in the values we place upon natural systems will be an important way to help governing the planet, for both present and future generations.

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Gain a key environmental management skill

Each course in the program includes an exercise and revision material to help you develop a skill that is key to working in environmental management – this course explores how to write a press release.

This course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles. By completing all aspects of the course you will have achieved 14 hours of CPD time.

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