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May 8th 2017

Learn how to understand your soil and explore global environmental soil issues by becoming a citizen scientist. Where can you find all sorts of useful and important information about your environment? You might be surprised to know it’s beneath your feet, in the soil. On this course you will discover interesting things about your own soil and become part of the new GROW Citizen Observatory European-wide community.

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Apr 27th 2017

Learn how to work with primary and secondary-level students to help them explore climate change topics through the use of interactive and engaging activities. Our climate is changing rapidly, and now more than ever we need to be ready to act and prepare the next generation to do the same. This course explores the basic science behind climate change and presents the tools to teach it in a positive, engaging and participatory way. The course also introduces some of the ethical and social issues around climate change.

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Nov 3rd 2016

Le premier MOOC en français sur la compréhension des flux d’eau dans les sols. Son but : comprendre, caractériser et modéliser l’hydrodynamique des sols. Comment l’eau de pluie s'infiltre-t-elle dans le sol (et quelle partie ruisselle) ? Quelle est la recharge d’une nappe ? Quelle quantité d’eau un sol peut-il retenir ? Quelle sont les directions des flux de polluants dans un sol ? Ce cours vous donnera les clés pour comprendre, modéliser et mesurer les processus de transferts de l’eau dans le sol.

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Nov 1st 2016

Learn why soil is so important, how it’s being threatened and what we can do to protect this natural resource so vital to our lives. Soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all life. We depend on soil to build our homes and cities, to grow crops for food and raise livestock, to support transportation and enable recreation. Yet we disregard this crucial and precious resource that lies right under our feet.

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