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Biosphere 2 Science for the Future of Our Planet (Coursera)

Sep 19th 2022
Biosphere 2 Science for the Future of Our Planet (Coursera)
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Are you ready to take an incredible journey around Planet Earth and beyond? In this course, you will delve into a world of innovative science and learn from a team of Biosphere 2 and University of Arizona researchers. From plants and soils, to oceans and rainforests, the Moon, Mars, [...]

Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050 (Coursera)

The Discover Best Practice Farming for a Sustainable 2050 Course is based on a clear vision: imagine best practice farming for 2050, start to implement these strategies now, all the while making sure it will still be profitable. At UWA we're doing just that with the Future Farm [...]

Ecosystems of California (Coursera)

This course surveys the diversity, structure and functioning of California’s ecosystems through time and the ways they have influenced and responded to human activities and stewardship. Topics include ecosystem drivers such as climate, soils, and land use history; human and ecological prehistory of the state; comparative marine, freshwater, and [...]

Drainage in Agriculture: controlling water and salt levels in the soil (edX)

Get prepared for heavier rainfall and the increasing demand for food! The #1 Agricultural University of the world will teach you how to design and implement effective drainage systems in agriculture. You will learn how to create a perfect soil profile for optimal growing conditions for a crop and [...]

L’eau et les sols - Hydrodynamique des milieux poreux (edX)

Ce cours de spécialisation vous donnera les clés pour comprendre, modéliser et mesurer les processus de transferts de l’eau dans le sol. Comment l’eau de pluie s'infiltre-t-elle dans le sol (et quelle partie ruisselle) ? Quelle est la recharge d’une nappe ? Quelle quantité d’eau un sol peut-il retenir [...]

Climate Change Education (edX)

Learn how to work with your students to help them explore climate change through the use of interactive and engaging activities. These activities are designed for students at the primary and secondary levels. Our climate is changing rapidly, and now more than ever we need to be ready to [...]

Citizen Science: Living Soils, Growing Food (FutureLearn)

Learn about approaches to food growing that can help regenerate soil and solve environmental issues. Use regenerative growing practices in your own garden. Soil loss and degradation are serious issues all over the world. We need to find effective regenerative practices to solve many local and global environmental challenges. [...]

Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky (FutureLearn)

Learn how to understand your soil and explore global environmental soil issues by becoming a citizen scientist. Where can you find all sorts of useful and important information about your environment? You might be surprised to know it’s beneath your feet, in the soil. On this course you will [...]