Jun 22nd 2016

Elements of Structures (edX)

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An introductory course on statics and on the mechanical behavior of deformable structural elements like beams, shafts and rods. 2.01x introduces principles of structural analysis and strength of materials in applications to three essential types of load-bearing elements: bars in axial loading, axisymmetric shafts in torsion, and symmetric beams in bending.

The course covers fundamental concepts of continuum mechanics, including internal resultants, displacement fields, stress, and strain.

While emphasizing analytical techniques, the course also provides an introduction to computing environments (MATLAB) and numerical methods (Finite Elements).

This course is based on the first subject in solid mechanics for MIT Mechanical Engineering students. Join them and learn how to predict linear elastic behavior, and prevent structural failure, by relying on the notions of equilibrium, geometric compatibility, and constitutive material response.

What you'll learn:

- to calculate internal stress and strain fields in loaded structures

- to predict the deformation of loaded structures

- to design structural elements so as to prevent failure

- to use numerical methods (MATLAB) in structural engineering application

- to use a Finite Element interface to explore more complex structural behavior