Sep 12th 2016

Finite Element Method (FEM) Analysis and Applications (edX)

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Learn the basics of Finite Element Method (FEM), a numerical solution for structural analysis, and demonstrate its applications with MATLB and ANSYS.

Do you want to become an expert at structural analysis?

Finite Element Method (FEM) is a powerful tool. FEM is an effective numerical technique for partial differential equations (PDEs) in engineering. The fact that modern engineers can obtain detailed information for structural, thermal, electromagnetic problems with virtual experiments largely gives credit to FEM. The finite element method provides infinite possibilities for engineering, and this course provides a detailed introduction of FEM and its applications in engineering and beyond.

This course is divided into 15 lessons, which introduce basic equations of mechanics, mathematical principles of FEM, realizations in both discrete and continuum structures, various applications in engineering and skills at modeling with FEM software. Examples are demonstrated with MATLAB and ANSYS.

What you'll learn:

- Basic equations of mechanics

- Mathematical principles of Finite Element Method (FEM)

- Realizations in discrete and continuum structures

- Basics of MATLAB and ANSYS