Statistical Inference

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Inferential Statistics (Coursera)

This course covers commonly used statistical inference methods for numerical and categorical data. You will learn how to set up and perform hypothesis tests, interpret p-values, and report the results of your analysis in a way that is interpretable for clients or the public. Using numerous data examples, you [...]
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Managing, Describing, and Analyzing Data (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn the basics of understanding the data you have and why correctly classifying data is the first step to making correct decisions. You will describe data both graphically and numerically using descriptive statistics and R software. You will learn four probability distributions commonly used [...]
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Inferential and Predictive Statistics for Business (Coursera)

This course provides an analytical framework to help you evaluate key problems in a structured fashion and will equip you with tools to better manage the uncertainties that pervade and complicate business processes. The course aim to cover statistical ideas that apply to managers. We will consider two basic [...]
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Practical Predictive Analytics: Models and Methods (Coursera)

Statistical experiment design and analytics are at the heart of data science. In this course you will design statistical experiments and analyze the results using modern methods. You will also explore the common pitfalls in interpreting statistical arguments, especially those associated with big data. Collectively, this course will help [...]
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Inferential Statistics (Coursera)

Inferential statistics are concerned with making inferences based on relations found in the sample, to relations in the population. Inferential statistics help us decide, for example, whether the differences between groups that we see in our data are strong enough to provide support for our hypothesis that group differences [...]
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Statistical Inference (Coursera)

Statistical inference is the process of drawing conclusions about populations or scientific truths from data. There are many modes of performing inference including statistical modeling, data oriented strategies and explicit use of designs and randomization in analyses. Furthermore, there are broad theories (frequentists, Bayesian, likelihood, design based, …) and [...]
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Data Modeling and Regression Analysis in Business (Coursera)

The course will begin with what is familiar to many business managers and those who have taken the first two courses in this specialization. The first set of tools will explore data description, statistical inference, and regression. We will extend these concepts to other statistical methods used for prediction [...]
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Inferential Statistical Analysis with Python (Coursera)

In this course, we will explore basic principles behind using data for estimation and for assessing theories. We will analyze both categorical data and quantitative data, starting with one population techniques and expanding to handle comparisons of two populations. We will learn how to construct confidence intervals. We will [...]
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Data Science in Real Life (Coursera)

Have you ever had the perfect data science experience? The data pull went perfectly. There were no merging errors or missing data. Hypotheses were clearly defined prior to analyses. Randomization was performed for the treatment of interest. The analytic plan was outlined prior to analysis and followed exactly. The [...]
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Estadística aplicada a los negocios (Coursera)

May 3rd 2021
Estadística aplicada a los negocios (Coursera)
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La toma de decisiones está en la esencia de los negocios. Gerenciar es tomar decisiones, muchas veces bajo presión, con información desordenada y en un contexto de incertidumbre. Un aspecto básico es entender y analizar la información, organizar los datos de forma de facilitar su posterior uso y la [...]
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