Sep 5th 2016

Developing Cultural Intelligence for Leadership (FutureLearn)

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Find out what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is, and why good leaders and managers need it, in this free online course. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the natural evolution from the well-established notions of IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence). Good leaders need all three to lead effectively.
CQ is the ability to cross divides - whether country, generation, gender, sector or background - and to thrive in multiple cultures.

Developing your CQ will enable you to work with people who are different from you, and lead in your organisation, community, business or place of study.

Understand and develop Cultural Intelligence

This free online course will introduce you to the concept of CQ and explore its evolution and relevance for leadership.

Through a series of activities, exercises and advice from leaders around the world, you will:

- build the skills to lead across divides and thrive in multiple cultures;

- go on a journey to uncover the cultural influences that make you think and act the way you do;

- see how understanding yourself can help you work with other people;

- learn skills to recognise what makes others tick and behave the way they do;

- and embrace diversity and recognise its role in innovative problem solving.

In discussions with other learners from around the world, you’ll grow your network and build relationships which will, in turn, help you develop your CQ.