Self-Paced until 26 Aug 2016

Computer Assisted Inquiry (EMMA)

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The course is addressed for secondary school students and teachers, who would like to fresh their research skills and for I and II year university students. During the 9 weeks long course, participants will learn how to collect and analyze data with the computer and to draw conclusions.

Learning Objectives:

Plans and creates research with ICT; uses ICT activelyfor searching information and conducting inquiry; knows data collection methods for inquiry; Analyzes data with appropriate methods; analyzes research findings; knows how to study in distant mode.


Course activities last nine weeks:

Week 1. Introduction to course, learning environment and getting familiar with each other;

week 2. Preparation of data collection and analysis;

week 3. Structuring, cleaning and encoding of data;

week 4. Getting overview of the data: frequency table, histogram and graphics

week 5. Processing data: means and dispersion

week 6: Investigating groups' differences

week 7: Investigating trends and relationships

week 8: Presenting results with infographics

week 9: Ending of the course, self-reflection

This course will be available in self-paced mode this summer from 4 July until 26 August 2016.