Apr 25th 2017

Building Portal Sites on SAP Cloud Platform (openSAP)

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Portal technology has been around for many years now, bringing together information and business processes under a common, single entry point. Portals help us to find the information and business apps that we need really quickly. So what’s new? Well, think about what could happen when you merge the simplicity of the Cloud with your portal needs! The openSAP course Building Portal Sites on SAP Cloud Platform will help you unleash this powerful new potential.

This course can help you get up and running with your portal sites on the SAP Cloud Platform. It covers all the essentials of building portal sites, starting with why we need a portal, how to build a site following the SAP Fiori design language, or using a freestyle design, as well as how to productize your site with branding, translations, and Single Sign-on.

The course is designed for IT professionals, solution consultants, as well as portal administrators and experts. It’s also relevant for user experience experts and existing SAP NetWeaver Portal administrators.

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction and Overview

Week 2: SAP Fiori Launchpad Sites

Week 3: Freestyle Sites

Week 4: Productizing Your Site

Week 5: Managing Your Landscape

Week 6: Final Exam

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