Apr 1st 2016

Birds 101: Introduction to Pet Birds (edX)

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Learn to care for your pet birds, from parrots to finches, by studying nutrition & husbandry, behavioral characteristics, and common veterinary procedures. Birds are amazing animals! They are extremely intelligent, quite social, and some can make ideal companions! From parrots to parakeets, chickens to canaries and cockatoos, there are many species of birds to choose from when considering these feathered friends as pets. This course provides introductory material about pet bird care including behavioral characteristics of different species of birds, bird handling, anatomy and physiology, and keeping birds as pets.

Bird enthusiasts, pet bird owners, and others who work with birds will learn interesting and practical information!

What you'll learn:

- Basic behavioral characteristics of birds commonly kept as pets, including parakeets, parrots, canaries and more

- Basic husbandry, nutrition, and biosecurity for pet birds

- Anatomy and physiology of birds

- Common veterinary procedures used for birds in clinical settings