Self Paced

Aviation 101 (Canvas net)

Aviation 101 is a free online Introduction to Aviation Course. Are you interested in aviation? Have you thought you might like to become a pilot? Proceed at your own pace to learn fundamentals that will give you a head start to your aviation career.

Aviation 101 is comprised of nine video lessons, which will introduce you to a variety of topics in aviation.

- Aircraft Systems

- Aerodynamics

- Flight Instruments

- Airports

- Airspace

- Radio Communication & ATC

- Aeromedical

- Aviation Weather

- Performance and Navigation

No matter your age or your goals, whether you are taking your first steps toward an aviation career, or if you are an experienced pilot, Aviation 101 has something for you! Be sure to share this course with anyone who may also be interested in aviation!

By the end of this course students will...

- The student will be become aware of basic aviation topics such aerodynamics, the National Airspace System, aircraft systems, aviation weather, and many other aviation specific knowledge areas.

- The student will be able to describe at a rudimentary level the operation of aircraft systems and flight instruments and the role they play in modern aviation.

- The student will be able to explain how the human body reacts to the flight environment and the physiological limitations associated with manned flight.

- The student will be able to describe the important role weather plays in aviation and why it is critical for pilots to be knowledgeable in this area.

- The student will be able to provide a basic explanation of aircraft performance and navigation including what factors affect aircraft performance.

- The student will be able to identify a variety of airport signs and markings and understand what those symbols mean for pilots and other airport operators.

- The student will be able to explain the Air Traffic Control system and how it works to make aviation the safest form of travel on the planet.

- The student will become aware of the various professions and occupations associated with aviation and hopefully be inspired to pursue one of these career paths.