May 25th 2016

Able-Minded - Mental Health and People with Intellectual Disability (edX)

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Gain an understanding of mental health issues and ethical decision-making for people with intellectual disability. This health course will focus on the mental health issues of people with intellectual disability. You will learn about the complexities of diagnosing mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities and the types of disorders, assessments, screenings, and treatments used. There will also be a special focus on the legal and ethical complexities in health practice with patients who often require substituted consent.

This course is open to anyone, but will be of particular relevance to those in the field of advanced medical, allied health, and disability. It can also be used as workforce education for professionals who are interested in mental health.

What you'll learn:

- mental health issues and disorders

- mental health assessments and screenings

- challenging behaviors

- treatments

- legal and ethical issues