Intellectual Disability Healthcare XSeries

What you will learn:
- What is the experience of people with intellectual disability around the world, what barriers do they face, and how do they overcome these?
- What are their healthcare needs and how can good health be promoted?
- What health conditions do they commonly experience and how can these be assessed and managed?
- What influence do other factors such as ageing and epilepsy have on their health?
- What mental health issues do they have and how can these be recognised and managed?
- What are some of the ethical and legal issues that are of particular relevance to them?

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Able-Minded - Mental Health and People with Intellectual Disability (edX)

Gain an understanding of mental health issues and ethical decision-making for people with intellectual disability. This health course will focus on the mental health issues of people with intellectual disability. You will learn about the complexities of diagnosing mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities and the types [...]

Well and Able - Improving the Physical Health of People with Intellectual Disability (edX)

Learn how to help those with intellectual disability achieve better health. This health course will examine the specific physical health issues that affect people with an intellectual disability including, oral health, syndrome specific health issues, health communication, especially for non-verbal patients, sexual health, and interactions between tertiary and primary [...]

Through my Eyes – Intellectual Disability Healthcare around the World (edX)

Learn, from personal stories, the daily life and challenges faced by those with intellectual disabilities. This health course focuses on the stories of people with intellectual disabilities around the world, as well as their families and supporters. You will learn about the challenges and aid received in healthcare for [...]