Feb 28th 2014

80000901_2x: History of Chinese Architecture: Part 2 (edX)

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Architecture from the 13th century to the early 20th century in China, mainly wood structures.

In 8000901-1X, History of Chinese Architecture: Part 1, we know the development of Chinese architecture from the remote antiquity to the Song, Liao and Jin dynasty. In Part 2 we’ll go on looking at Chinese architecture of the Yuan, Ming and Qing period. We’ll explore the city of Dadu of Yuan and Beijing of Ming and Qing, and delve into the history of the awe-inspiring ancient buildings that still grace the landscape of these bustling cities. The course will cover construction and aesthetics of these imperial palaces, religious structures, pagodas, tombs and gardens. The course will culminate in an examination of the Summer Palace in Beijing, the ancient royal garden at the Chengde Mountain Resort, and the private gardens of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Dwellings from various region and nationalities of China blossomed. The seminal textbook in the Qing dynasty will also be included in this course.

Prerequisites: History of Chinese Architecture: Part 1

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