E.g., 2016-06-29
E.g., 2016-06-29
E.g., 2016-06-29
Mar 7th 2016

Creating videos for teaching, learning and communication. From basic to interactive videos depending on the learner and their goals.

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Jan 4th 2016

In this class you will look behind the scenes of image and video processing, from the basic and classical tools to the most modern and advanced algorithms.

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Self Paced

This seven-week course will explore the relationship between law and technology with a strong focus on the law of the United States with some comparisons to laws around the world, especially in Europe. Tech progress is an important source of economic growth and raises broader questions about the human condition, including how culture evolves and who controls that evolution. Technology also matters in countless other ways as it often establishes the framework in which governments interact with their citizens, both in allowing speech and blocking it and in establishing exactly what the boundaries are between private life and the government. And technology itself is powerfully shaped by the laws that apply in areas as diverse as copyright, antitrust, patents, privacy, speech law and the regulation of networks.

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Feb 2nd 2015

This Film History course explores how fundamental changes in film technology affected popular Hollywood storytelling. We will consider the transition to sound, and the introduction of color. This online educational experience is not equivalent to a college course.

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Apr 1st 2014

A criação de vídeos é uma prática muito comum entre os jovens, porém a conceção de vídeos educativos é algo mais complexo, pois exige um planeamento prévio e objetivos pedagógicos bem definidos. Neste curso irá abordar-se a importância dos vídeos em contexto educativo, conhecer “boas práticas” para a sua construção e elaborar um exemplo educativo, partindo das funcionalidades básicas de edição do movie maker.

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