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Sep 1st 2018


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В курсе изучаются основы экономической теории рынка труда, объясняющие поведение основных участников рынка труда – домохозяйств, фирм и государства.

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This course will highlight the critical legal and business issues entrepreneurs face as they build and launch a new venture. We will explore real world scenarios, and address the legal and business issues that entrepreneurs face, from the moment they conceive of the "million dollar idea" to all of the important junctures along the path to success.

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The Statics of Everyday Objects is a course about how structures react to forces exerted on them while remaining unmoved.

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If chemistry is the science of stuff, then analytical chemistry answers the question: what is it? And how much of it do you have? This course teaches how to do this with instrumental analysis!

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Public Health focuses on the health of entire populations, fighting disease on a massive scale.

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September 2016

In this course, you will recognize the role of operations within the bigger picture of business strategy and master the fundamental aspects of managing the operations of a business.

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Sep 19th 2016

This course 'Unethical decision making in organizations : A seminar on the dark side of the force' will teach you how strong organizational contexts push good people towards unethical decisions. You will also learn how to protect yourself and your organization against such forces lurking in the dark.

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Sep 4th 2016

This course explores why primary health care is central for achieving Health for All. It provides examples of how primary health care has been instrumental in approaching this goal in selected populations and how the principles of primary health care can guide future policies and actions. Two of the most inspiring, least understood, and most often derided terms in global health discourse are “Health for All” and “Primary Health Care.”

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Sep 4th 2016

The success of every organization depends on attracting and retaining customers. Although the marketing concepts for doing so are well established, digital technology has empowered customers, while producing massive amounts of data, revolutionizing the processes through which organizations attract and retain customers. In this course, students will learn how to identify new opportunities to create value for empowered consumers, develop strategies that yield an advantage over rivals, and develop the data science skills to lead more effectively, allocate resources, and to confront this very challenging environment with confidence.

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Sep 4th 2016

A blank canvas is full of possibility. If you have an idea for a user experience, how do you turn it into a beautiful and effective user interface? This covers covers principles of visual design so that you can effectively organize and present information with your interfaces. You'll learn concrete strategies to create user interfaces, including key lessons in typography, information architecture, layout, color, and more. You’ll learn particular issues that arise in new device contexts, such as mobile and responsive interfaces.

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Aug 31st 2016

Le formalisme de Lagrange permet une résolution efficace de problèmes complexes de mécanique. Il permet aussi d'apporter un éclairage plus fondamental sur les lois de conservation (théorème de Noether). A titre d'illustration de la méthode de Lagrange, on traitera le problème très important des oscillateurs harmoniques couplés, exprimé comme un problème de valeurs propres et de vecteurs propres. On termine avec un formalisme permettant d'analyser les résonances paramétriques, notion illustrée par l'expérience montrant la stabilité d'un pendule inversé forcé.

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Aug 31st 2016

In this course you will build a practical framework to understand the critical linkages between organization design and the creation of economic value through execution.

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Aug 31st 2016

Pour illustrer les concepts introduits dans la première partie, on traite ici des problèmes pour lesquels le système mécanique peut être considéré comme un point matériel. Cette partie couvre notamment les problèmes à traiter en coordonnées cylindriques ou sphériques, le problème des orbites des planètes et les référentiels accélérés.

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Aug 31st 2016

À l’École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, un cours de mécanique fait partie de la formation de tous les futurs ingénieurs et scientifiques. Il a pour but de leur apprendre à transcrire sous forme mathématique un phénomène physique, afin de pouvoir en formuler une analyse raisonnée. Cette partie couvrira notamment la cinématique du point matériel, la balistique dans le champ de la pesanteur et l’oscillateur harmonique.

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Aug 31st 2016

Cette partie traite la mécanique du solide indéformable. Dans certains établissements, cette matière est vue avec une application des torseurs. Aussi, nous avons inclus dans cette partie un supplément de formation sur ce sujet. Deux leçons introduisent les torseurs.

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Aug 31st 2016

This course discusses how macroeconomic variables affect individuals’ personal, professional, and public activities and lays the foundation for the analysis of the mechanisms that drive macroeconomic variables. It start in its first module by introducing the key macroeconomic variables and explaining how they are defined and measured in order to enable the students to interpret macroeconomic data properly.

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Aug 31st 2016

This course examines macroeconomic performance in the short run and the long run based on the economy’s institutional and policy environment. The first module develops a model of macroeconomy in the short run when the price level has its own momentum and does not respond much to supply and demand forces. The model enables one to see how GDP, interest rate, and exchange rate are determined in the short run and how they respond to macroeconomic shocks and policies.

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Aug 30th 2016

If you’re an entrepreneur at any stage of your journey, or even an aspiring one, and you need money to start or grow your business, this course is for you. This course will introduce, and help you put to use in your startup, the five models through which your customers can – and will, if you ask them! – fund your business. These five time-tested models have been put to use by entrepreneurial superstars like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and more. Sadly, though, the five models are rarely talked about and not widely understood. Until now!

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Aug 29th 2016

Today’s workplace calls for a new style of leadership to embolden and accelerate innovation. Design offers a novel way of discovering opportunities and bringing new approaches to life in ways that benefit all stakeholders. Learn how to engage with end users, effectively frame problems, identify potential solutions, and build prototypes to test assumptions and learn what works (and doesn’t). Then dive into a range of ways large and small to bring design innovation into your organization.

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