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Shaping Future Healthcare: The Promise of Genes (OpenLearning)

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Shaping Future Healthcare: The Promise of Genes (OpenLearning)
Free Course
In this course, you will be guided towards a better understanding of genes and their functions as well as how the environment and your lifestyle choices can affect your genes and in turn impact your health.

AR VR The Promise of Sci-Fi (OpenLearning)

This course explores how the emerging forms of media and the development in the digital field opens possibilities for exploration of virtual reality and augmented reality that carries potential benefits applicable to various industries portrayed through user experience cases that you will discover throughout this course. [...]

Secrets to Success as a Freshman (OpenLearning)

Build learning skills for success to excel in university by learning to solve problems, think critically, and communicate effectively. This "Secrets to Success as a Freshman" course will help you to go through the transition from secondary school to your new role and place in university.

A Beginner's Guide to Coffee (OpenLearning)

This course describes the basics of coffee that is suitable for anyone who knows little or nothing about coffee but has high interest to learn it. Even if learners do not drink coffee, this course will help them to understand coffee starting from its cherry form until it is [...]