Water and Global Human Health MicroMasters

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Water Related Health (edX)

Water plays a critical role in our daily lives. This course is an introduction to human health at the individual and population level. Water plays a critical role in our daily lives. In order to understand the health implications, we must first understand the different ways to measure and [...]

Water on Earth: An Introduction (edX)

This course covers the flow of water as it falls to the earth and travels towards rivers, lakes and oceans. This includes the basic concepts and definition of a watershed, including how to delineate watershed boundaries. Water budgets and water fluxes will also be introduced, along with the different [...]

Global Water Use and Climate Change (edX)

Humans are vast users of water. From large-scale agriculture to individual domestic use, water resources are being consumed at a tremendous rate. This course investigates the use of water by humans across the globe.

Watershed Systems and Their Influence on Water Movement and Quality (edX)

This course focuses on watershed systems and their influences on water movement and water quality. This includes the implications of agriculture and urbanization on water movement and quality within a watershed.

Opportunities in Water and Health (edX)

This course will investigate a number of solutions and interventions to water-related human health impacts. Our future, in a world where water resources are under stress with a changing climate, increasingly hungry use of water by humans, and a growing population, will best be served by understanding what interventions [...]