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Health Care IT: Challenges and Opportunities (Coursera)

A strong argument can be made that the health care field is one of the most information-intensive sectors in the U.S. economy and avoidance of the rapid advances in information technology is no longer an option. Consequently, the study of health care information technology and systems has become central [...]
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Clinical Supervision: Planning Your Professional Development (FutureLearn)

Jul 19th 2021
Clinical Supervision: Planning Your Professional Development (FutureLearn)
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Identify your own learning needs as a clinical supervisor and create a personal development plan to address them. Reflect on your clinical supervision practice and plan your personal development. This online course will focus on identifying your learning needs as a clinical supervisor or practice educator, and provide advice [...]
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BUCUM: Building Capacities for University Management (Miríada X)

This course provides the tools for the four essential challenges that facing the management of a global university in the knowledge societies of the 21st Century: the implementation of Career Design, the achievement of Risk Management, the running of Quality Assurance, and the formation of Knowledge [...]
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Learn Software Testing Certification course (Eduonix)

Software Testing is one of the most important and critical component of Software development life cycle. The testing team is ultimately responsible of Software quality and forms the bedrock before it goes out to actual users and to market place. Over the years with innovative development techniques the software [...]
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