Statistical Analysis

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Inferential and Predictive Statistics for Business (Coursera)

This course provides an analytical framework to help you evaluate key problems in a structured fashion and will equip you with tools to better manage the uncertainties that pervade and complicate business processes. The course aim to cover statistical ideas that apply to managers. We will consider two basic [...]
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Math for MBA and GMAT Prep (Coursera)

Jan 31st 2022
Math for MBA and GMAT Prep (Coursera)
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This course gives participants a basic understanding of statistics as they apply in business situations. A fair share of students considering MBA programs come from backgrounds that do not include a large amount of training in mathematics and statistics. Often, students find themselves at a disadvantage when they apply [...]
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Quantifying Relationships with Regression Models (Coursera)

This course will introduce you to the linear regression model, which is a powerful tool that researchers can use to measure the relationship between multiple variables. We’ll begin by exploring the components of a bivariate regression model, which estimates the relationship between an independent and dependent variable. [...]
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Measurement – Turning Concepts into Data (Coursera)

This course provides a framework for how analysts can create and evaluate quantitative measures. Consider the many tricky concepts that are often of interest to analysts, such as health, educational attainment and trust in government. This course will explore various approaches for quantifying these concepts. The [...]
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Python and Statistics for Financial Analysis (Coursera)

Python is now becoming the number 1 programming language for data science. Due to python’s simplicity and high readability, it is gaining its importance in the financial industry. The course combines both python coding and statistical concepts and applies into analyzing financial data, such as stock [...]
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Basic Data Descriptors, Statistical Distributions, and Application to Business Decisions (Coursera)

The abilities to understand and apply Business Statistics are becoming increasingly important in the industry. A good understanding of Business Statistics is a requirement to make correct and relevant interpretations of data. Lack of knowledge could lead to erroneous decisions which could potentially have negative consequences for a firm. [...]
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Social Media Data Analytics (Coursera)

Learner Outcomes: After taking this course, you will be able to: utilize various Application Programming Interface (API) services to collect data from different social media sources such as YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr; process the collected data - primarily structured - using methods involving correlation, regression, and classification to derive [...]
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Developing Data Products (Coursera)

A data product is the production output from a statistical analysis. Data products automate complex analysis tasks or use technology to expand the utility of a data informed model, algorithm or inference. This course covers the basics of creating data products using Shiny, R packages, and interactive graphics. [...]
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Stability and Capability in Quality Improvement (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn to analyze data in terms of process stability and statistical control and why having a stable process is imperative prior to perform statistical hypothesis testing. You will create statistical process control charts for both continuous and discrete data using R software. You will [...]
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Análisis de datos con Python (Coursera)

Aprenda a analizar datos con Python. Este curso lo llevará desde los conceptos básicos de Python hasta la exploración de muchos tipos diferentes de datos. Aprenderá a preparar datos para el análisis, realizar análisis estadísticos simples, crear visualizaciones de datos significativas, predecir tendencias futuras a partir de datos, ¡y [...]
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