Pricing Strategy

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Generative AI for the Resilient Pricer (Coursera)

Apr 15th 2024
Generative AI for the Resilient Pricer (Coursera)
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In this course we’ll address the concept of leveraging Gen-AI in various economic and operational circumstances to rapidly generate pricing insights. Disruption occurs at an ever-increasing pace, driving imperfect information, limited response time, and competing priorities. The commercial excellence discipline is one that requires a holistic approach to delivering [...]

Pricing Strategy in Practice (Coursera)

In this project-centered course, Darden's Ron Wilcox and BCG's Thomas Kohler will walk you through a real-world case, from problem statement to detailed analyses. You'll use all three lenses (cost, customer value, and competition) to recommend an optimal price—and then adjust to market disruptions. Utilizing the concepts, tools and [...]

Cost and Economics in Pricing Strategy (Coursera)

How much should you charge for your products and services? Traditionally, businesses have answered this question based on the cost to produce or provide their goods and services. This course shows you the economic factors behind pricing based on cost and the pros and cons of a cost-based pricing [...]

Pricing Strategy (Coursera)

Pricing is one of the most important but least understood marketing decisions. Learn and practice concepts, techniques, and get to grips with the latest thinking on assessing and formulating pricing strategies. Analyze how firms attempt to capture value, as well as profits, in the revenues they earn. After [...]

Marketing Channel Incentives (Coursera)

Apr 8th 2024
Marketing Channel Incentives (Coursera)
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This specialization is ideal for individuals who currently work in or are targeting opportunities in consulting and strategy, industrial sales and buying, marketing management, entrepreneurship and business development. In this course, you will be exposed to the challenges of implementing a pricing strategy in your route-to-market and the necessity [...]

Customer Value in Pricing Strategy (Coursera)

The traditional approach to pricing based on costs works to pay the bills, but it leaves revenue on the table. You can, in fact, price your products in a way that increases sales--if you know what your customers are willing to pay and can leverage psychology to create better [...]

Market and Competition in Pricing Strategy (Coursera)

If you haven’t considered what the competition is charging, you may not be maximizing your revenue. Spend time analyzing the market and you can influence price and improve margins. In this course, we'll show you how to implement competitive pricing and avoid common legal pitfalls of market-based pricing. You [...]

Marketing Management II (Coursera)

In this course, you will further examine how businesses create value for customers. In Marketing Management I, you learned the major elements of the marketing mix - product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing - and saw how they fit within different analytical frameworks that are useful to [...]

Estrategia de precios (Coursera)

La fijación de precios es una de las decisiones de marketing más importantes, pero menos entendidas. Aprenda y practique conceptos y técnicas, y conozca las últimas reflexiones en materia de evaluación y formulación de estrategias de fijación de precios. Analice el modo en que las empresas tratan de captar [...]

MedTech Go-To-Market Strategy (edX)

The most succinct and comprehensive introduction to MedTech education available online. Get to know the dynamics and ins-and-outs of this highly-regulated industry.