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E.g., 2017-09-12
E.g., 2017-09-12
E.g., 2017-09-12
Sep 18th 2017

The integration of ICT (information and communications technology) in different applications is rapidly increasing in e.g. Embedded and Cyber physical systems, Communication protocols and Transportation systems. Hence, their reliability and dependability increasingly depends on software. Defects can be fatal and extremely costly (with regards to mass-production of products and safety-critical systems).

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Mar 1st 2017

Curso sobre a probabilidade de estar sol ou nuvens num determinado dia, a distribuição da população entre a cidade e os arredores ou como funciona o algoritmo de ordenação de páginas web do Google. / Course about the probability of being sunny or cloudy in a given day, the distribution of the population between a City and the Suburbs, or how is constructed the Google PageRank algorithm.

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