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Jun 19th 2017

Get an introduction to the weather and climate of the UK and beyond, from understanding storms to how to do a weather forecast. Weather is all around us. It affects our lives almost every day – through what we wear, what we eat and what we do. It also affects most industries and leisure activities. In the UK we are well known for talking, and complaining, about the weather. But what brings us such variable weather? What makes it rainy, windy or sometimes even sunny?

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Mar 1st 2017

Curso sobre a probabilidade de estar sol ou nuvens num determinado dia, a distribuição da população entre a cidade e os arredores ou como funciona o algoritmo de ordenação de páginas web do Google. / Course about the probability of being sunny or cloudy in a given day, the distribution of the population between a City and the Suburbs, or how is constructed the Google PageRank algorithm.

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