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Estrategias para ganar. Meteorología en la vuelta al mundo (Coursera)

Tanto si eres o no aficionado a la navegación, en este curso aprenderás cuáles son los principales motores del tiempo en la Tierra y lo que los navegantes deben saber de ellos. Conocerás cuáles son las bases de la meteorología oceánica, cómo se generan los archivos digitales a partir [...]

Wind resources for renewable energies (Coursera)

The main goal of this course is to get the necessary knowledge on atmospheric and fluid dynamics in order to quantify the wind resource of a local or regional area. We’ll learn about basic meteorology, the specific dynamics of turbulent boundary layers and some standard techniques to estimate wind [...]

Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather (FutureLearn)

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 Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather (FutureLearn)
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Understand and explore the physical processes behind the weather. Weather affects our lives almost every day through what we wear, what we eat and what we do. But why is it rainy, windy or sometimes even sunny? Explore some of the physical processes driving UK weather systems and get [...]