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Learn About Weather (FutureLearn)

Explore all things weather - from storms to climate - with this course that looks at the basic processes behind the weather. Ever wondered what the difference between a hurricane, cyclone and typhoon is? Or what a ‘front’ is? Or asked how weather warnings are issued? Maybe you’ve even [...]
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Global Warming I: The Science and Modeling of Climate Change (Coursera)

This class describes the science of global warming and the forecast for humans’ impact on Earth’s climate. Intended for an audience without much scientific background but a healthy sense of curiosity, the class brings together insights and perspectives from physics, chemistry, biology, earth and atmospheric sciences, and even some [...]
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Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather (edX)

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Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather (edX)
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Learn to forecast the weather just by looking out your window. The weather forecasts we see every day are based on an army of meteorological sensing networks and intensive computer modeling. Before the rise of these technologies, predictions were made by methods like discerning cloud formations and wind [...]
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Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather (FutureLearn)

Understand and explore the physical processes behind the weather. Weather affects our lives almost every day through what we wear, what we eat and what we do. But why is it rainy, windy or sometimes even sunny? Explore some of the physical processes driving UK weather systems and get [...]
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Be Ready: Staying Safe During Disasters (FutureLearn)

Learn about the key preparedness actions you can take to stay safe during various disasters and extreme weather events. Discover what to do when disaster strikes. As extreme weather events continue to affect the lives of millions of people across the globe, it’s never been more important to know [...]
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Monitoring the Oceans from Space (FutureLearn)

Explore our oceans from space. Discover how Earth observation allows us to monitor ocean health, and inform policy and planning. This free online course will provide an introduction to ocean monitoring Earth Observation (EO) satellite data, and its uses, types and challenges. It will explain how the data is [...]
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