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Strengthening Your Widening Network (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn strategies not only on how to communicate effectively but also how to strengthen your relationships with co-workers and other stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds, both inside and beyond the organisation. In particular, "Strengthening your widening network" aims to equip you with a workplace [...]
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The Museum as a Site and Source for Learning (FutureLearn)

Mar 1st 2021
The Museum as a Site and Source for Learning (FutureLearn)
Course Auditing
Explore the purpose of museums today and find how they facilitate learning. Find out how museum collections, spaces and technology help visitors learn. What is the purpose of museums in today’s world - a world obsessed with technology? On this course we explore what can be gained from interacting [...]
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Enseñar STEM: mucho + que fórmulas (edX)

En este MOOC el docente encuentra herramientas para diseñar y planear cursos STEM, centrados en los estudiantes. ¿Eres nuevo enseñando STEM en la Universidad?, ¿Quieres que tus cursos estén centrados en los estudiantes? este MOOC es para ti.
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