Inbound Marketing

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Digital Channel Planning and E-Commerce Strategy (Coursera)

Digital Marketing Institute is the global standard in Digital Marketing Certification. Our mission is to give our students the confidence and knowledge they need to advance in their careers through this specialization. Research shows that retail customers switch channels during their purchase-decision journey. Many of us research products online [...]

Marketing e vendas B2B: Fechando novos negócios (Coursera)

Jun 17th 2024
Marketing e vendas B2B: Fechando novos negócios (Coursera)
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Aprenda a aumentar as vendas em negócios B2B com técnicas e estratégias de Marketing. Este curso introdutório oferece conteúdos teóricos e práticos dados pelos profissionais das maiores startups brasileiras, como Lean Survey, looqbox, Colaboradores, entre outras.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (edX)

Learn the varied and changing approaches to digital marketing, such as mobile and omnichannel marketing and attribution and marketing mix modeling to inform your organization’s digital marketing strategy. In this business and management certificate course focused on the foundations of digital marketing, you will gain an understanding of how [...]

Inbound Marketing Course & Certification (HubSpot)

The Inbound Course & Certification is a free marketing training course that covers the fundamentals of the Inbound Marketing Methodology. Learn how SEO, Landing Pages, Blogging, Conversion, Lead Nurturing, and Email marketing come together to form a modern inbound marketing strategy.