ICPM Certified Supervisor Professional Certificate

Pursue better job opportunities and prove your knowledge and skills confidently with the Certified Supervisor Professional Certificate. Through the Certified Supervisor Professional Certificate you will acquire the supervision skills you need to become an efficient, effective supervisor. Plus, you'll be able to apply what you learn in the real world, immediately to help you advance in your career.
Completing the Certified Supervisor Professional Certificate helps to prepare you for ICPM's Certified Supervisor Certification examination. CS certification is designed from the ground up to assess your skills in multiple key areas and prove to others that you have what it takes to be a supervisor.
Earning the CS certification is easy.
1. Register for the specialization.
2. Pass 3 challenging courses at your own pace.
3. Register and sit for the ICPM Certified Supervisor examination. Please note that there is an additional fee to sit for the CS examination.
Each course includes a written assignment that will require students to put into practice the knowledge they have gained throughout each course. Successful completion of course projects will require the basic understanding of the topics covered and the ability to relate those topics to the real world. The objective of each project is to determine whether students have understood course concepts and are able to use them in a real world setting.
- Understand the unique and crucial role of supervisors in building a work environment that balances organizational goals with the rights of employees.
- Communicate effectively with diverse individuals and groups and build a service culture that is dedicated to satisfying customers.
- Apply tools and techniques to devise plans and goals, make ethical decisions and utilize the power of groups and teams for maximum effectiveness.
- Explain and apply skills for leading and motivating employees, providing effective organizational and financial control, and maximizing quality.

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