Effective Professional Communication Specialization

This Effective Professional Communication specialization will help you be a more effective communicator in the workplace. This is something that many universities don’t teach which is why the specialization was created. It consists of 5 parts:
1) Career planning: resume/CV, cover letter, interview
2) Introduction to Professional Communication
3) Effective Communication for Building Relationships
4) Expert Communication for Career Success
5) Effective Professional Communication Capstone Project
After completing the specialization you will be better prepared to find your dream job or earn promotions in your current organization. Please feel free to share your success stories after applying the skills you gained in the Effective Professional Communication specialization. Your success is the best reward for us!

- Improve your self-presentation and communication skills to get your dream job or earn a promotion
- Build connections with others to aid your career development

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Introduction to Professional Communication (Coursera)

We will discuss modes of communication and how to effectively communicate in person, by phone and by email. We will talk about understanding the other person: communication principles, communication styles and reading between the lines. Finally, we will speak about influencing and being influenced: influencing strategies, strategies for presentations, [...]

Effective Communication for Building Relationships (Coursera)

We will discuss self-presentation: how you can create the right impression and fit in at work. We will talk about intercultural communication: cultural values and cultural intelligence, working in an intercultural climate, and working in an intercultural team. Finally, we will speak about interaction with clients: creating a win-win [...]

Effective Professional Communication Capstone (Coursera)

This course completes the Effective Professional Communication Specialization and is presented in the Capstone Project format. To successfully complete the specialization, students need to complete four assignments and check several answers from their fellow students. The tasks check the skills and abilities that were obtained in the course of [...]

Expert Communication for Career Success (Coursera)

We will discuss interaction with colleagues: teamwork, collaborative problem solving, and conflict resolution. We will talk about interaction with superiors: building a relationship with your manager, influencing superiors, and becoming a leader. Finally, we will speak about interaction with subordinates: building your own team, leadership and decision making, and [...]