Takako Toda




Takako Toda is a professor for the Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics at Waseda University in Tokyo. She received her Ph.D. in linguistics from the Australian National University with First Class Honors. After her Ph.D. she returned to Japan and lectured at the University of Tsukuba before entering Waseda University as a faculty member in 2000.

Professor Toda has published many papers on Japanese language education, phonetics and phonology, as well as three popular textbooks on Japanese pronunciation. In addition to Japanese, Professor Toda is proficient in English and Chinese.

Areas of Expertise

- Japanese language education

- Japanese phonetics and phonology

- Second language acquisition

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Apr 28th 2017

Practice pronunciation and improve your spoken Japanese in context. One of the most challenging aspects of learning Japanese is pronunciation. Most non-native Japanese speakers, whether basic level or advanced, have experienced at least one situation when they were misunderstood or couldn’t share their true feelings because of incorrect pronunciation.

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