Sónia Eugénio

Assistant Professor at Atlântica - School of Management Sciences, Health, IT & Engineering where she teaches several bachelor and master-level courses on Materials Engineering. She is also involved with EIT InnoEnergy in the development of online educational contents in the field of Battery Storage.
She is a researcher in Centro de Química Estrutural at IST and her scientific activity focus on the development and characterization of new active materials for supercapacitors and hydrogen production through electrochemical methods.
She is a running and cycling enthusiast and drives her bicycle to work whenever she can.

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Metal Air Batteries (IST)

This course is intended for Master students and researchers with special interest in energy storage. Main goals: understand the working principle of a metal-air battery; recognize the main applications of metal-air batteries; identify the components of a metal-air battery and their function; identify the different metals that can be [...]
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