Shane Dawson

Dr. Shane Dawson is a Professor of Learning Analytics and a Director of Teaching Innovation Unit at the University of South Australia. Professor Dawson is a leading scholar within the LA community. His research focuses on the use of social network analysis and learner Information and Community Technology (ITC) interaction data to inform and benchmark teaching and learning quality. He is a founding executive member of the Society for Learning Analytics Research and past program and conference chair of the International Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference. He is a co-developer of numerous open source software including the Online Video Annotations for Learning (OVAL) and the Social Network Analysis Pedagogical Practice (SNAPP).

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Social Network Analysis (SNA) (edX)

Learn how to conduct a social network analysis to better understand how people seek and share information in learning settings. In this course, you will learn how relationships between people, artifacts, and ideas within learning settings can be analyzed and interpreted through social network analysis (SNA). You will learn [...]
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