Sami Samiei-Esfahany




Sami Esfahany received his B.Sc. degree in civil-surveying engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran in 2004, and the M.Sc. degree in Geomatics engineering from Delft University of Technology in 2007. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree at the Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing, TU Delft.

Areas of Expertise:

- Estimation theory and mathematical geodesy

- Radar remote sensing

- Deformation monitoring

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Aug 28th 2017

Learn how to estimate parameters from observational data for real-world engineering applications and assess the quality of the results. Are you an engineer, scientist or technician? Are you dealing with measurements or big data, but are you unsure about how to proceed? This is the course that teaches you how to find the best estimates of the unknown parameters from noisy observations. You will also learn how to assess the quality of your results.

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