Paul Whitehead




As a result of my college experience, I wanted to work in the U.S. labor movement. At the University of Wisconsin, I earned a B.S. in labor studies and an M.S. in industrial relations, later graduating from Harvard Law School with a J.D. After clerking for a federal judge, I represented the Steelworkers Union (whose membership is in both the U.S. and Canada) for 28 years, serving as general counsel for the last eight of those years.

In 2009, I came to Penn State to teach. My legal interests include labor, employment, benefits, international labor, and trade law. Other interests include collective bargaining, unions, corporate acquisitions and restructurings (including bankruptcy), and human resource management.

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Mar 3rd 2016

What are global workers’ rights? Are safe working conditions and living wages only a dream? Which institutions and instruments can be used to realize them? Join this course to explore these questions from an interdisciplinary and multi-level perspective.

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