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Nikolay Berzon graduated from the Perm State University (1973). He earned his PhD (1976) and Sc.D (1991) in Economics at the Plechanov Moscow Institute of Economics. He has more than 130 publications, including textbooks and monographs. At the same time Berzon works as a consultant in the field of his expertise. He is a Head of Department and professor at the Subdepartment of Stock and Investments Market, Head of the Stock Market Centre, manager at the Center of State Regulation of Financial Markets at the Institute of Public Resource Management and manager of Educational Trading Floor of the Higher School of Economics.

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Nov 14th 2016

Вы узнаете, как функционируют финансовые рынки и финансовые институты. Каким образом компании привлекают капитал для своего развития, а также как инвестировать на финансовом рынке.

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