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As a former high school music teacher, Nick Stefanic is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Music Education at the University of South Florida in Tampa. His research interests include human creativity (particularly musical creativity) and online teaching/learning. In addition to his scholarly activities, he has experience as a gigging and recording musician, a composer/arranger/songwriter, a large ensemble conductor/director, a music director for musical theater productions, and a performing musician on various instruments including percussion/drums, piano, trumpet, and the iPad.

He believes all people are innately musicians and as such, to answer the question "What is Music?" is to answer fundamental questions about what it is to be human.

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Jan 27th 2014

At its core, this course is about providing students with a broader understanding of music as a uniquely human activity. This will be accomplished by discussing the music you actually listen to, learning about various dimensions and elements of music, and creating your own music.

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