Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee is Professor of Marketing at National University of Singapore Business School. He currently serves as the Deputy Head (Research) in the Department of Marketing, and the Deputy Director of Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk.
Leonard investigates how emotional and cognitive factors influence consumer judgment and decision-making, with applications in public policy domains including healthcare and sustainable transportation. In addition, he is interested in understanding shopping motivations and spending behaviour in real-world environments. Leonard is an Associate Editor of Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. He holds a BSc in Computer and Information Sciences from NUS, a MS in Computer Science from Stanford, and a PhD in Management (Marketing) from MIT Sloan.

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Understanding and Communicating Risk (edX)

Learn how individuals perceive and understand risks and master the tools to communicate risk information effectively to help people make better decisions in the face of risks. This course provides an introduction to how people perceive and understand risks in their everyday lives and how to communicate risk information [...]
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