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Kim Whiteside has been designing and facilitating learning programs for over twenty years. She holds a master’s degree in Adult Learning from Drake University and a master’s level certification in Experiential Learning Assessment from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. Kim’s additional certifications in Executive Coaching and Career Coaching help round out her professional mission to empower, enlighten, and inspire individuals through education and learning.

A self-proclaimed MOOC geek, Kim serves as a member of the Bellevue University development team for the Discover Your Value course. She believes that students should have the opportunity to make self-determined learning choices and has become an expert at helping students identify the best parts of themselves that lead to accelerated learning.

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Jul 10th 2017

This self-paced course provides participants with the opportunity to explore, assess, and document learning mastered through a variety of life experiences. You will be challenged to think holistically and critically about your skills, knowledge, and performance capabilities as they relate to college-level and professional-based learning.

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Feb 22nd 2016

This course provides an opportunity for learning professionals to map out the learning ecosystem structure by identifying where learning takes place within their organizations, pinpointing nodes of engagement within that structure, and developing a plan to improve human performance.

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