Julien Trebosc




Julien TRÉBOSC is research engineer at Lille 1 University, in charge of a high field NMR spectrometer (800 MHz) since 2005.

He is an expert in solid-state NMR, especially regarding quadrupolar nuclei. He develops new pulse sequences that aim at enhancing NMR experiment sensitivity and at measuring a number of structural information on materials at atomic scale.

He is mostly focusing on inorganic materials, often observing difficult atoms as low gamma quadrupolar nuclei (25Mg, 35Cl, 14N…) in a broad range of materials (glasses, clays, zeolites etc…).

Julien TRÉBOSC defended a PhD on Solid –State NMR methodology at University of Lille 1 in 2003. After a one year post-doctorate in Ames Laboratory, Iowa, United States, he was recruited at University of Lille 1 where he got his Habilitation for conducting research in 2013.

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