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Before taking up his position as a Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, he was the coordinator of postgraduate studies at The Glasgow School of Art (2008-2012). Prior to this, he was a senior lecturer in screen studies at the University of Bristol (2005-2008).

His research project as a Chancellor's Fellow explores the relationships between cinema and boredom: representations of boredom; boredom as an authorial, aesthetic and affective strategy used by directors; durational cinema experiences; the historical roots of 'slow cinema'; the use of such formal devices as the long take. He's interested in how boredom (and related experiences: exhaustion, ennui, etc) is also deployed or harnessed by other cultural forms - literature, music, and so on.

His research and writing is mainly concerned with experimental cinema, and artists working with film and video. His most recent publication is Warhol in Ten Takes, co-edited with Gary Needham (British Film Institute/Palgrave, 2013). He has also written about American independent cinema (including two monographs on the films of Todd Haynes), youth television, and television and sexuality. He sits on the editorial board of the BFI's 'Television Classics' book series, and on the project board of McLaren2014, which is coordinating the centenary celebration events in Scotland for the animator Norman McLaren. He oversees the 'Art and its Histories' strand of the Artist Rooms partnership, a major collaboration between (amongst others) the University of Edinburgh, the National Galleries of Scotland, and Tate Galleries.

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Feb 2nd 2015

An introduction to the life and work of Andy Warhol, one of the world’s most famous artists, through exploration of five thematic framings of his life and career: celebrity; sex; money; death; and time.

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