Daniel Catalan

Daniel has two PhD degrees in “Public Health and Communication” and “Mental Health and Physical Therapy”. His research interests are mainly in public health risk communication and has worked on topics such as the use of medicines and control of emerging infectious diseases, risk communication on vaccine hesitancy and antimicrobial resistance, fake medicines and illegal websites, as well as healthcare technology assessment. He has published in a wide range of research journals and books.
Daniel has about five years of practical field experience in the public health sector, including WHO – Regional Office for Europe, ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and Ministry of Health in Spain. He has been involved in leading and coordinating public health campaigns and research projects.

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Understanding and Communicating Risk (edX)

Learn how individuals perceive and understand risks and master the tools to communicate risk information effectively to help people make better decisions in the face of risks. This course provides an introduction to how people perceive and understand risks in their everyday lives and how to communicate risk information [...]
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