EdCast is a personal learning network to enhance human ability to collaborate and learn across educational materials, instructors, students and employers. EdCast Knowledge Cloud™ powers online learning portals built on OpenedX for world class institutions, enterprises, governments and non-profits to enable millions of students to collaborate with each other and learn. The team has track-record of building large-scale transformational technology and are passionate about the global impact of mobile and online education. EdCast is a Stanford StartX company backed by tier 1 venture capital firms. The company is based in Mountain View, CA with offices worldwide.

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Fundamentos del Internet de las cosas (IoT): Seguridad I (edX)

Aprende la importancia de la seguridad en dispositivos IoT, sus vulnerabilidades y amenazas más comunes, al igual que los modelos de seguridad para mitigarlas. Los dispositivos IoT conectados al Internet están creciendo de manera exponencial, e influyen en diferentes ámbitos, desde el empresarial hasta el de [...]
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Data Lakes for Big Data (EdCast)

Learn about the value, opportunity, and insights that Big Data provides. Get introduced to the Federation Business Data Lake solution to leverage the full power of big data to drive major business strategies.
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