Oct 31st 2016

US Voting Access and Fraud (edX)

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Political scientists, journalists and election officials explain the storied history of US voting rights and explore access and fraud in 2016.

As the US general election approaches, there is a firestorm of rhetoric around access and fraud. Major legislation changes, court rulings and political views continue to flood the media leading up to this election. But what is true in all of this? And what should you believe going into the election?

In this 2-week course, you’ll better understand the history of voting rights in the US, what is meant by the terms “access” and “fraud” – and why these have become so politicized.

Hear from political scientists who study these matters, journalists who have reported on it for decades and election officials who describe what its like to be in charge of carrying out free and fair elections in their jurisdiction.

Join a vibrant community of fellow voters who are interested in exploring these questions together. Share your experience and see how it compares to others around the country.

What you'll learn

- Brief history of the right to vote in US

- How ballot access has been expanded and reduced in last 150 years

- Why have issues of access and fraud become so politicized?

- What do voters need to know in 2016 election

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