Jun 5th 2017

Talking About Cancer (FutureLearn)

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1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. At Cancer Research UK we want to get people talking about cancer & health. This course will show you how to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle changes, use local services or visit their doctor promptly if they notice changes to their body.

The skills you gain may also be useful in talking to people already affected by cancer. You’ll learn through quizzes, articles, discussion and videos demonstrating conversational dos and don’ts.

What topics will you cover?

- Key facts and health messages about cancer prevention, screening and early diagnosis, and how to explain them.

- Confidence for having conversations about cancer that help others take positive action.

- Identification of barriers to making lifestyle changes or seeing a doctor.

- Communication methods that overcome barriers and avoid building defensiveness and fear.

- Methods of questioning that help people make decisions for themselves.

- Identifying how our own feelings can affect conversations.

- Directing people to the right places for advice and support.

- Creating an action plan for talking about cancer.

What will you achieve?

- To have the tips, tools and confidence to engage members of the public in meaningful conversations about cancer

- To be aware of the key facts about cancer and be able to explain these to members of the public

- Identify and deal effectively with barriers and challenges to meaningful conversations

- Explain and direct people to the right places for support, and encourage practical action

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