Statistical Analysis in Bioinformatics (edX)

Statistical Analysis in Bioinformatics (edX)
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Undergraduate biology. A programming language. Undergraduate statistics.
Statistical Analysis in Bioinformatics (edX)
Learn basic R programming to analyze biological big data to locate genes, perform simulations, and gauge the effect of specific markers. Improvements in modern biology have led to a rapid increase in sensitivity and measurability in experiments and have reached the point where it is often impossible for a scientist alone to sort through the large volume of data that is collected from just one experiment.

For example, individual data points collected from one gene expression study can easily number in the hundreds of thousands. These types of data sets are often referred to as ‘biological big data’ and require bioinformaticians to use statistical tools to gain meaningful information from them.

In this course, part of the Bioinformatics MicroMasters program, you will learn about the R language and environment and how to use it to perform statistical analyses on biological big datasets.

What you'll learn

- Basic R Programming

- Applying packages in the R environment to determine changes in gene expression

- Applying packages in the R environment to locate genes in a full genomic sequence