Apr 17th 2017

Social Business: a Sustainable Way to Face the Most Pressing Needs of Our Time (FutureLearn)

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Social Businesses are designed to improve society. In this course you will learn the main concepts to design a Social Business. This free online course focuses on the concept of Social Business and the main variables that we need to take into account when creating a Social Business.

We will begin by defining a Social Business according to Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laurate 2006. We will look at how a Social Business is different from other similar concepts such as Social Economy or Social Enterprise.

Learn how a Social Business meets social needs

The heart and purpose of a Social Business is an unmet social need. We will examine the potential social needs that these enterprises address. We will also look at how the social purpose permeates the organisation, from its day-to-day operations until the services or products are sold.

The final objective of a Social Business is to achieve a positive change in society. To this end, will explain the Theory of Change and learn about the current existing tools to measure the impact of these organizations in society in three different levels:

- social

- economic

- environmental.

A key differential aspect of a Social Business is its economic sustainability. Through a canvas model, we will learn the variables that must be taken into consideration in order to achieve economic viability.

This course provides a sound academic foundation as an introduction to the concept of Social Business and it provides a starting point to develop your own social enterprise idea. This course has been developed along with Professor Muhammad Yunus.

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