Sep 26th 2016

Quantum Information Science II (edX)

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Learn about quantum computation and quantum information in this advanced graduate level course from MIT. Already know something about quantum mechanics, quantum bits and quantum logic gates, but want to design new quantum algorithms, and explore multi-party quantum protocols? This is the course for you!

In this advanced graduate physics course on quantum computation and quantum information, we will cover:

- The formalism of quantum errors (density matrices, operator sum representations)

- Quantum error correction codes (stabilizers, graph states)

- Fault-tolerant quantum computation (normalizers, Clifford group operations, the Gottesman-Knill Theorem)

- Models of quantum computation (teleportation, cluster, measurement-based)

- Quantum Fourier transform-based algorithms (factoring, simulation)

- Quantum communication (noiseless and noisy coding)

- Quantum protocols (games, communication complexity)

Research problem ideas are presented along the journey.

What you'll learn:

- Formalisms for describing errors in quantum states and systems

- Quantum error correction theory

- Fault-tolerant quantum procedure constructions

- Models of quantum computation beyond gates

- Structures of exponentially-fast quantum algorithms

- Multi-party quantum communication protocols

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